Ants ants ants
SOLD – One more handful of ants for the road or as Bob D sings it : One more cup of coffee for the road.
First shall be last
FOR SALE – This artwork is inspired by the Matrix and pictures the moment when JC got the idea to his book: The first shall be last. (
Love is energy
(SOLD) – Et-Ta in the temple educating the educated about luv! Love is energy or “<3=mc2”
I am the way..
(SOLD) – JC: I am the way, the truth and the life – WAE: I am the game, the sandbox and the animal!
(SOLD) – Let it go, this too shall pass.
How did Adam get here?
(SOLD) – In the beginning was the answer, then came the question: How did Adam get here? Or who or what came with the stork that was to bring Adam? Et-tA off course!
You can keep you hat off!
FOR SALE – You can keep your hat off!